Friday, August 19, 2011

a broken record

Well, not really. But that's how I feel this week--the community at work is so wonderful and the interactions with my colleagues are some of the greatest gifts. I've never realized how much we are created for community until now. (OK, well maybe in grad school, but it was a more artificial community, I think, where we were all doing the exact same thing. Now, to see our gifts--both academic and social--mesh in so many different ways is really exciting!)

205. Natalie's tight hug
206. her straight talk when I was being paranoid and listening to lies (I did not even realize how much I was doing so and refusing to believe--and remind myself of--the truth until she said something). I was struggling with inferiority, convinced of things others were not seeing, and she just gently, lovingly told me "You are are just...ridiculous!"
207. Heidi's teasing (which is *almost* all deserved) :)
208. Kathryn's smile and encouragement--and gentle way of reassuring me that some decisions really are mine to make (i.e. the arrangement of tables in my classroom)
209. Marion's smile and humor--of course, sometimes I'm not sure I exactly want to be the cause of one of her smiles, but she is so encouraging and has our backs :)
210. Onastazia's openness and friendliness--so thankful she is in the high school with me!
211. the encouragement and tips from the older teachers in the middle school (esp. last year)
212. Lance's helpfulness and general laid-back-ness
213. John's welcoming and kind words, stopping by my room despite all he has to do
214. lots of other instances where I have been so sharpened by others around me...and writing this out, I cannot believe how well some of the others know me...I need to do better at acting like an adult. But I am so thankful for the community in which I have been placed...

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