Thursday, August 11, 2011

mesas, friendship, family, and New Mexico in general :)

I wasn't as diligent to keep track by hand of this next part of the trip as we went. Still, there were plenty of gifts along the way, and I will make note of the most significant here:
167. visiting Uncle Ken and Aunt Susan in Los Alamos: it was GREAT to see their house, the view of the mountains and mesas from their back deck, and to be able to stay with them
168. the rain they experienced while we were there (after all the fires, 100% contained only in the last week, this was significant and sorely needed)
169. that, although the rain disrupted one of our hikes, it didn't disrupt our sightseeing as much as it could have--it kept storming just before or after we most wanted clear skies!
170. the tram in Albuquerque at sunset--phenomenal! And according to our guide, it was the clearest night in quite some time! The sunset, the moon, the mountains beneath us, the city below us--magnificent!
172. seeing Jessica again--on her own turf at the Zuni reservation in NM! It was sooo good to see her. She is such a good friend. It is amazing how easy it is to pick up with a dear friend even after years. The time with her was so sweet. I've missed her so much...and the little bit of time we did have was just a reminder to me to stay in touch with those dear friends that I have from each stage of life. It isn't a huge number, but it is a fair number of girlfriends who I cannot imagine losing contact with...and I want to be more deliberate to pray for them. They are SUCH blessings!
173. flying back into Richmond (safety in the air, etc.--I love flying but don't take safety for granted!) and seeing my cousins briefly. Some really good conversations with them--we are all growing up (at last!) ;)
174. spending part of the day with my family--long morning run, swimming with the girls, making salsa with mom--before heading back to Lynchburg
175. the green-ness of Virginia: yes, after all that travel, I am so thankful to be back at the foot of the mountains, in the rolling hills, with tall green trees. I love Virginia!

I will try to post some pictures at some point!

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