Tuesday, August 16, 2011

open windows, co-workers, and a new classroom

192. the first open window night of the season...I love waking up to the sound of crickets and a bit of a breeze
193. friendships with my co-workers (Although in some cases this is really stretching me because I am forming new relationships and learning a lot and seeing myself in a new light just as I am at church as I get to know many new people, I really do love the community at NCS. Especially all the friendships I made last year in the middle school--I really love those people. But I am excited about getting to know better those in the high school, too!)
194. my new supervisor--he is so laid back and we seem to approach things the same way and see eye to eye for the most part! I am opening up and asserting myself and asking questions far more than I usually do!
195. a green classroom (it is pea green, and a couple of others who have stopped by do not like it, but it makes it seem warm, so I like it!)--I also love having my own space and having a place to work!
196. a student who was at the school yesterday who came by and helped me get my classroom set up
197. new dress skirts on sale really cheap (I promise I really went to Ross to look for a clock for my classroom. But, you know, I had to check out the skirts, too) ;)
198. late summer evenings when the sun still sets so late...allowing for a jog later on yesterday evening

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