Monday, August 29, 2011

the promise of a new day

219. crickets in unison, behind closed windows
220. early morning darkness surrounding a computer screen
221. Kate sleeping across the room
222. the beginning of a new week, and the promise of strength to do what He has given me to do
223. the end of the first week of school: being back in the classroom lessens my anxiety and makes me more confident; the students are very good (for the most part) and I love what I teach and I love them! I am learning so much myself--still so much to learn and this year still seems daunting--but I still find it so humbling and hard to believe that this is my job--to learn alongside the students and to just keep learning the best way to share the things I learn with them. So daunting but oh-so-exciting. :)
224. the Upper School teachers who stopped by my room after the first day (which was most of them)--how encouraging! God doesn't allow me to dwell on my inadequacies for long!
225. MP's laughter and perspective when I unnecessarily apologized
226. Lance's willingness to help and down-to-earth honesty
227. dinner with Heidi, Natalie, and Kathryn--transitioning to a new community of sorts (moving to the Upper School, switching churches, getting new roommates, and being more fully involved at NCS and entering more fully into the community) always reveals things to me about myself that I'd rather didn't exist. But I appreciate those who still spend time with me, who reach out and care and put up with my silliness, because I have learned (and am learning) so much!
228. good conversations with a new roommate
229. potlucks at church
230. seeing Nikki unexpectedly (and sharing teacher stories and tips!)--she came into Lynchburg to escape Hurricane Irene since she lives on the coast!

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