Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumny foods, cemeteries, and hard lessons

242. a good night's sleep
243. whole food vitamins (esp. when my throat is sore!)
244. pumpkin cookies (I have an excuse: they were for a baby shower)
245. homemade sweet potato fries (I've decided that sweet potatoes and pumpkin make even the impending winter cold OK) ;)
246. making Brunswick stew outside in a cauldron with my parents
247. more invitations to social events than I can attend and keep my sanity (and thus, learning a crucial lesson: how to say no without guilt)
248. a service project in Old City Cemetery with my students--it was refreshing to dig in the dirt (weeding), lay mulch, pick up sticks, and spend time with students in such a different context
249. Onastazia's perspective, encouragement, and realness
250. feeling excitement about church before I get there (I've always been refreshed and encouraged and convicted and glad I've gone after the fact, but now I look forward to church all weekend! Entering into a new community has been scary and stretched me, but I really do love it)
251. singing "Before the Throne of God Above" at church
252. hiking Dragon's tooth with my new church family (LOVE this hike--want to go back soon!)
253. Learning more about grace not only at work but also from my new church family (and esp. when I lightly rear-ended a family--it was a nice vehicle--when I was trying to park on the side of the road...still no idea what happened) :(
254. Laura's love for India and Byju and God's perfect orchestration of that situation (and prayers for her that she'll be able to return very soon!)
255. being summoned for jury duty--not exciting, but thankful that I've been placed in America and given a voice in the government
256. watching little sisters grow and mature
257. watching students grow and mature :)
258. conviction to be more involved in the community--love that I am in a reformed community that takes this seriously--I want to fill out a volunteer application with the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center
259. roommates who (1) have a much better memory than I do about how to pronounce literary names, and (2) can teach me all sorts of things in the kitchen!
260. a letter from my sponsored child in Togo, Bernadette; she drew me a pineapple! ;)
261. a conversation with a student--at the end of the day--who has so much perspective and wisdom and honesty, who said the exact words I needed to hear--words about decisions she'd made about how she wanted to live her life--just when I had been most guilty of doing the opposite. Father, thank you for such a convicting (yet gentle) reminder. Change my heart.

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