Tuesday, November 15, 2011


or, rather, sorrowful yet always rejoicing.

262. reading Shakespeare with really great students
263. warm fall mornings
264. a father who is doing the best he can with his 3 young children as his wife is dying--such a gentle, broken man, getting booster seats out of the van for the field trip, doing all he can for his precious children
265. a refreshing talk with a fellow teacher while the students danced
266. my students making me laugh at myself (they were saying it was funny how fast I was running at the cemetery last week--Shelby found a quote from the Rubaiyat on one of the plaques, and when Collyn asked about it, right at the end, as we were all about to head back to the buses, I told her we could run and see it really quickly, so Sarah, Collyn, and I took off running to see the quote--leave it to Collyn and Caleb to make me laugh at myself, though! ;)
267. regret, forgiveness, and learning hard lessons in the context of grace...always, always understanding grace just a little more, bit by bit.

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