Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thoughtfulness (and thankfulness!) of students

282. Sunday night with the women of my church, singing songs of thanksgiving, hearing powerful testimonies of God's grace, and engaging in community with others desiring to live the Christian life
283. dinner last night with the Oleniks and Shannon and Toby (I can never remember their last name)--it was a low key get together and refreshing--I appreciate them inviting me in, as I know they've all been meeting on Monday nights for a while
284. beautiful, warm November days
285. thank you notes from my students--so sweet and thoughtful--they shocked me and I wondered if they could even be genuine. It is rewarding to teach students who are thankful and willing to say so. Makes me feel even more humbled and inadequate...but I love them so much! (At the end of the day yesterday, I had two thoughts: (1) I must have the sweetest students in the world, and (2) I sure do wish they would remember to put their names on their assignments before they turn them in!)

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