Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bone broth

301. a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup in the fridge (thankfully homemade stock is pretty much fool-proof and adds SO much!)
302. bone broth in the crock pot (so medicinal--and I am determined not to get sick again)
303. a long walk on a brisk Saturday afternoon when I needed a break from grading and prepping
304. reading Upper School senior theses and working so closely with students on their writing (and learning from their topics!) ;)
305. Christmas tinsel and white lights lining the stairway
306. conversations with roommates
307. Kaitlyn and Kory coming for a quick visit last weekend (saw "Romeo and Juliet" at LU with my students and me)--Kaitlyn can drive!!
308. a boss who is so thoughtful and caring when I am sick (even asked if I needed to take another sick day!) and other teachers who cover my classes for me (silly stomach bug)
309. new sweaters in the middle of December
310. Stacey's beautiful example of friendship to Laura during this time--I wish I could be there and had more time to give!
311. an honest and encouraging conversation with Marion over a glass of wine
312. bedtime and sleep--and the acceptance of its necessity, even when I don't feel as though I have accomplished enough (Psalm 127:2 anyone?)

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